MTN Ghana marks International Fraud and Ethics Awareness Week

MTN Ghana joined the rest of the world to celebrate International Fraud and Ethics Awareness Week and Global Ethics Day. The International Fraud and Ethics Awareness Week which was on the theme, “Whistleblowing a means to combating fraud”, sought to create awareness on whistleblowing hotlines and precautionary measures taken to ensure the safety and protection of users of the hotline to report fraud and misconduct.

Global Ethics Day was celebrated on the theme “Empowering ethics as a force to prevent fraud”.  The themes express the importance of ethical conduct in combatting fraud.

Speaking on the Fraud and Ethics Awareness week celebration, the General Manager of Internal Audit and Forensics at MTN Ghana, Michael Gbewonyo said, “Over the years, MTN has positioned itself as a good corporate citizen. We have always believed in the value and importance of maintaining the highest standards of ethical conduct. All of us have an important role to play in combating fraud and creating an ethical and fraud-free work environment”.

“In order for us to lead digital solutions for Africa’s progress, we need to stand against fraud and unethical behavior. For us at MTN, we are asking, “what are you doing today” to fight fraud. When you see it, say it. Doing breaks boundaries”, he added.

The Chief Commercial Officer of MTN Ghana, Noel Kojo-Ganson at the Global Ethics Day live event encouraged employees to continue to abide by the ethical principles of the company to achieve the goal of preventing the occurrence of fraud. “Fraud is a human problem, and the assured solution is achieved when people are committed, and action their decision not to perpetrate fraud. It is this commitment we seek to harness among ourselves as MTN staff to build a thriving culture for ourselves, our partners, and stakeholders alike, he stated.

MTN Ghana held activities aimed at sensitizing management, staff, and customers about the importance of maintaining ethical standards and the repercussions of fraud. Activities included workshops, training sessions and publications on building trust in MTN Ghana’s whistleblowing line, empowering ethics as a force to prevent fraud, assess staff’s understanding on the celebration, focused fraud awareness initiatives for frontline staff, and insights sharing on best practices to protect themselves from predatory fraudsters.

Held annually and convened by the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE), the International Fraud and Ethics Awareness week provides a platform for anti-fraud professionals, activists, and stakeholders to educate individuals on fraud, its impact and preventive measures, while Global Ethics Day provides an annual opportunity for MTN Ghana to deepen its commitment to ethical business conduct

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