Coupons Technologies launches new coupons website

Coupons Technologies launches new coupons website – Ghana’s premier coupons club

Coupons Technologies, Ghana, today announced the launch of COUPONS.COM.GH, a web application that seeks to bridge the digital gap between business owners and consumers, by creating a platform that enables the two parties interact with each other in the digital space. Business owners can register and create a free online catalogue, and offer coupons and discounts on their goods and services. Users can browse through the amazing offers available, download free coupons/tickets and redeem them at the shop or service center. Registration for both business owners/event organizers as well as regular users is FREE.

“We are very excited to launch the premier coupons website in Ghana”, said Christian Dziwornu, the CEO of Coupons Technologies. “The website/app is going to be a game-changer in Ghana’s shopping space as more businesses are shifting to mobile marketing – consumers wouldn’t have to access individual brand websites or social media pages to search for promos, compare offers or redeem a coupon. Instead, they’re served with a wide range of carefully curated and well-categorized promos based on their geographical location and preference in this single user-friendly platform”.

The user-friendly interface of the website makes for easy registration either as a business owner or a user, and a quick understanding of the various features and how to use them. Business owners can use the “Run a promo” feature to create free online promos and electronic coupons in a space of five minutes. These coupons can be downloaded by users with the “Grab Coupon” feature.

A recent survey in Ghana conducted to measure the impact of promotions on daily shopping activities revealed the following outcomes:

  • 88% agreed to have bought a product JUST because it was on discount.
  • 84% also agreed that they have been motivated by a promotion/discount to purchase a brand other than their regular brands.
  • 86% have been influenced to buy more of a particular product because it was on discount.
  • 85% agreed that whenever they purchase an item on discount, they consider it a good buy.

This shows the willingness of the consumer to patronize products and services that provide discounts and promotions and presents business owners with a great opportunity to expand their market base and reach new costumers.

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